Our Suppliers

We carefully selected suppliers–all small business owners just like us–to provide pastries, chocolates, empanadas, wines, coffees, and other good eats (all the best in the Lowcountry!) under one roof. Here’s who made the cut:

  • King Bean Coffee
  • Lecoq Cuisine
  • Isa’s Cooking
  • Ritual Chocolates
  • Advanced Gourmet Equipment
  • Tribeca Oven
  • International Gourmet cheeses
  • Vidalco


King Bean Coffee Roasters

Few simple pleasures can match an excellent cup of coffee, cappuccino, espresso, or latte—and these all start with perfectly roasted coffee beans. We fell hard for King Bean Coffee Roasters from foodie haven Charleston and are excited to share this South Carolina company’s delicious blends with you.

Lecoq Cuisine

One glance at the Lecoq Cuisine website reveals that high quality is their top priority. Their dedication to bringing customers “their first smile of the day” shows their passion for delivering the “perfect croissant” and pastries every time. Our customers can also pick up Lecoq’s frozen croissants to bake fresh at home.

View the Lecoq Cuisine Video





Ritual Chocolate

Ritual Chocolate bars are for those that savor single origin, handcrafted chocolates with a higher Cacao percentage. The labor-intensive process requires five steps: sorting the cacao beans, followed by roasting, winnowing, mixing/refining/conching, and finally, aging to create a rich, decadent chocolate that pairs wonderfully with wine and coffee. This award-winning company recently earned the Gold Seal at the Good Food Awards.

Chocolates and Sweets

Chocolates and Sweets is owned by generational chocolatier Linda Douglas, a local Hilton Head Island area favorite. “I use special recipes that have been in my family for many generations. We use the finest ingredients available and time-honored hand processes that make our chocolates stand above the rest. From artisan truffles to hand-stirred caramels we offer just about any type of gourmet chocolate imaginable,” Douglas says, adding, “We carefully choose who our “Chocolates and Sweets” dealers will be and we look forward to partnering with Twenty/20 Cafe in offering your customers the finest Chocolates available.”



Advanced Gourmet Equipment

We will be creating new flavors in-house daily to create a variety of perfectly churned desserts. Our state-of-the-art gelato maker from Advanced Gourmet–along with their quality raw ingredients–equals the creamiest, most flavorful gelato in the Hilton Head Island and Lowcountry area. Advanced Gourmet owners Jim Hall, Wally Becker and Jim Marmion have a combined 65 years of experience and share that their “focus has always been on Advanced products, items within the artisan industry that are not normally available in the USA market, yet available throughout the world, thus allowing an artisan to produce, and sell the finest.”

Tribeca Oven

To create our premium sandwiches each day, we searched for the perfect foundation to pile on fresh cheeses, produce and meats. Luckily, we discovered Tribeca Oven, a premier artisan bakery in New York City. We selected their rustic breads for their thickness, depth of flavor and just how darn beautiful these loaves are. The recipe used today traveled from Zimbabwe in 1981 with founder Peter Lobel and has been perfected over the last 30+ years, and now you can taste this handcrafted perfection at Twenty/20.