Press: Coast to Coast Bakeries Worth Checking Out

October 9, 2013 at 6:04 pm


Just surpassing our two weeks officially open has been quite an adventure. Many milestones have
been celebrated, like our first dollar made, our first seated customers inside, our first seated customers outside, and
now, our first piece of press. Learn a little more about how we shaped the menu, atmosphere and commitment to quality based on one of my favorite little corners of the world, Tartine Bakery.

“It’s no wonder that Tartine has inspired others to try and recreate this loyalty and dedication to quality—if not to recreate Robertson’s painstaking breadmaking process detailed in 38 pages in the Tartine Bread cookbook. One such
location that looked to imitate Tartine Bakery is the brand new Twenty/20 Cafe located near Hilton Head Island in
Bluffton, South Carolina. Owner Michael Hausman once lived in San Francisco and used to pick up bread from Tartine at least on a weekly if not daily basis.”

Although we aren’t a bakery per se like the fabulous Tartine Bakery, we do like the fact that we smell and feel like a bakery with the aroma of Lecoq croissants and Isa’s empanadas wafting through the air. Come by and smell for yourself!

You can read the entire article here on Coast to Coast BakeriesWorth Seeking Out.