Photo Album: Twenty/20 Cafe Presents Vickie Jourdan and Terry Hannock

October 30, 2013 at 7:37 pm



A sincere thank you to everyone who came out last Friday to support our first after hours event, featuring local artists Vickie Jourdan and Terry Hannock. We had a blast seeing new faces and some repeat customers come out and support us. We will be holding events like this once a month on the first Friday that lands in the twenties (get it…Twenty/20 Cafe, first Friday in the twenties…).

We’d love to hear from you on our Facebook page what kind of events you’d like to see held during our “Twenty/20 Cafe Presents.”

Some ideas are:

  • Live music (indoors or by the firepit on our patio)
  • Cooking demonstration
  • Wine tasting and presentation and/or pairing
  • Beer tasting and presentation and/or pairing
  • Food talks (from experts like our SILO-Beaufort partner)
  • Art in action (painters and other artists working live in our cafe)

Please visit our Facebook page to see the entire album from Friday, October 25th’s event and tag yourself in any photos where you see your smiling face :) We really appreciate you doing so because it helps us tremendously with getting the word out about Twenty/20.

And please let us know your favorite item off our menu so far…we’d love as much feedback as possible as we continue to shape our menu and provide you with the highest quality ingredients.